I Used To Be Fat Day 75 Tae Bo Express: Fast Footwork, Punch & Knee, Power Punch & Kick Express

Today, I have received my Tae Bo Express workout and I’ve glad that I did. I’ve done 4 of the 8 workouts: I Used To Be Fat Day 75 Tae Bo Express: Fast Footwork, Punch & Knee, Power Punch & Kick Express. These workouts may be short, but they each pack a punch. Combine these were a total body workout. Separate, they are upper body and lower body workouts.

The workout comes in this order, but that’s not the correct order:

1. Boot Camp Power
2. Punch & Knee
3. Fast Footwork
4. Kick Express
5. Tae Bo Abs
6. Isolation Toning
7. Combo Express
8. Power Punch

When I’ve started the workout and seen the dvd’s first workout, Boot Camp Power, I knew that it couldn’t have been the first workout, because Billy’s shirt was already wet. I’ve taken out the time to view each workout to figure out the order of the workout and I have came out with the following order, according to Billy’s shirt.

1. Fast Footwork. He even made it known that this was the first workout.
2. Punch & Knee
3. Power Punch. At the end of this workout, Billy stated the Boot Camp Power was next, but I didn’t think so, because of how wet Billy’s shirt was, Kick Express was supposed to be next and then Boot Camp Power.
4. Kick Express
5. Boot Camp Express
6. Tae Bo Abs
7. Combo Express
8. Isolation Toning. This is a chair workout. I will be using my stability ball.

If The LORD says the same tomorrow, I will do exercise 5 to 8 tomorrow.

I thank God for allowing me to see another day and be able to do workouts 1-4.

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