January 2012 Weigh In Results

Yesterday, January 14, 2012, I was supposed to log my weigh in results, but I didn’t have time after I’ve did my weigh in and I forgot to do it after I’ve gotten home that evening, so I’m doing it now. I’ve gained one pound of scale weight and lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of lean body mass. I’m doing a I Used To Be Fat challenge and my goal is to lose 8 pounds of fat. I want to lose 100% 8 pounds of fat. I didn’t even lose 100% 2 pounds of fat. It takes time to lose pounds of fat and it will take time to lose 100% pounds of fat. I thank God for allowing me to see another weigh in day. I’ve started the I Used To Be Fat challenge on January 2, 2012. The challenge started on January 1, 2012, but I’ve taken that day as a rest day, because it was a rest day for me anyway. It was on a Sunday and I don’t workout on a Sunday. I’ve just finished doing PT 24/7 first 4 weeks program that previous Friday and I didn’t want to jump right into another challenge, without giving my body a rest, so thank goodness the challenge started on my rest day and that’s why I have started it that Monday.

I love God!

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