PT 24/7 Day 1 Basics

Tonight, I have done PT 24/7 Day 1 Basics. I didn’t know what to expect with this workout. Wednesday, November 30,2011, I’ve received my program and test drove PT 24/7 Cardio Burn. I didn’t want to start the program until today, because the program’s calendar started on a Sunday. I thought that I wouldn’t need to do PT 24/7 Basics, but once – tonight, but I was wrong.I thought that PT 24/7 Basics was only going to be an instructional workout, where Billy shows us how to use the bands with the moves and I was going to replace the workout with one of my other latest Tae Bo workouts. But, PT 24/7 Basics is a good cardio Tae Bo workout! Prior to doing the workout tonight, I’ve copied the program’s calendar’s information onto my PT 24/7 excel calendar. PT 24/7 is scheduled to be done for all four (ten) weeks of the program. I will not be replacing it with another Tae Bo workout. I might incorporate another Tae Bo workout with it though.

I’m glad that I’ve bought this workout and for a good price. I thank God for allowing me to do this program.

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