Tae Bo 30 Day, Day 10 Tae Bo Power

Tonight, I’ve done Tae Bo 30 Day, Day 10 Tae Bo Power. I’ve replaced my original Day 10 workout – Tae Bo Amped Fat Burn Accelerator workout this one. I might just take out Tae Bo Amped Fat Burn Accelerator out of my program. I don’t have the amped bar and I was going to use my other weighted gloves anyway.

Today for lunch, my lunch partner and I have gone to Walmart. I’ve seen Tae Bo Power as a set at Walmart. It comes with the dvd and Tae Bo weighted gloves. I was going to wait to get the dvd on Amazon in December. Amazon has the dvd listed as coming out in December 2011 and people can pre-order it now. At first I was going to pre-order the dvd, along with another new dvd that Billy has made, but then I’ve decided to wait until December, to get it cheaper from a third party.

I was shocked to see it at Walmart today. On Amazon someone has done a review about the workout and I was wondering how did they get the dvd, when it was supposed to be coming out in December. Now, seeing the dvd at Walmart, I know that Amazon is just getting it late. I’m sure Walmart will have just the dvd for sell soon, but the set is a good deal for a little over $16.00. The dvd will be like $10.00 by itself. And weighted gloves by itself can cost up to $10.00 and more. I already have two set of gloves. I didn’t know that the workout was going to require gloves and if I would have waited to get the dvd from Amazon in December, I would have just used my prime workout gloves. My other gloves comes with a kickboxing set.

This workout is 62 minutes. I’m glad that Billy has made some new workouts.

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