Tae Bo 30 Day, Day 1 Tae Bo Insane Abs

Today is October 3, 2011 and the first day of my personal Tae Bo 30 Day program that I have created. I’m doing this program for 30 days. Weekdays that is. I will not be working out on weekends. Saturdays and Sundays. If the Lord says the same, my 30th day should be November 11, 2011. A good completion point, before the 2011 Sisterhood retreat which will be held from November 17th – 19th.

I was scheduled to Billy’s Boot Camp Cardio Inferno, but due to my electrical problem not being fixed, I couldn’t workout to my dvd and youtube didn’t have the whole Billy’s Boot Camp Cardio Inferno workout online, but it did have Tae Bo Insane Abs, the workout that was supposed to be my day 3 workout. I did it today instead. I hope my electrical problem gets fixed soon.

I thank God for allowing me to do this workout.

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