Supreme 90 Day, Day 90 Cardio Challenge (Completion Day!)

Tonight, I have Supreme 90 Day, Day 90 Cardio Challenge (Completion Day!). I’ve used my 8lb weights with this workout. Cardio Challenge was the best workout to end this program with. I thank God for allowing me to complete this program. Supreme 90 Day is the first program that I have done. No, I haven’t lost a lot of pounds of fat or inches, but I have gotten stronger on this program. My core is stronger. I can do full push ups. This program has helped my posture as well.

Supreme 90 Day is a good muscle confusion program. I’m happy that I stuck with this program. It wasn’t bored. I was supposed to originally finish this program on September 6, 2011, but due to vacation, it pushed me back to September 12, which I didn’t finish on that day, due to house obstacles. I finished September 23, 2011. 11 days after my second completion day and it’s all good. I was still able to complete the program.

If the Lord says the same, I will be starting my 30 day Tae Bo program that I have created on October 3. I need more cardio, to help get rid of a lot of pounds of fat.

Supreme 90 Day gave me progress, but I will be taking it to a new level with my favorite number one program. Tae Bo.

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