Omron Body Fat Handheld Monitor

Today, I have received my Omron Body Fat Handheld Monitor. It gave me basically a 1% reading difference than my body fat scale. The reason why I’ve gotten the Omron Body Fat Handheld Monitor is because I wanted to see what kind of body fat reading it would give me.

I’m glad that I have gotten the machine. It showed me that my body fat scale was showing my true body fat percentage. Most people don’t believe these devices are accurate. To me, they are, especially if they give you the same or close to the same reading. Even the bmi on the handheld monitor is right. I know the formula to use to find out your bmi and after seeing my bmi on the machine, I’ve worked the formula and it was right.

I have a way to go before I get to my goal. It will be a year or longer, before I get there and I’m okay with that.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to get the Omron body fat handheld monitor.

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