Supreme 90 Day, Day 31 Back/Bi’s

Tonight, I’ve done Supreme 90 Day, Day 31 Back/Bi’s. I like this workout. I have started with my 8lb weights and did two exercises with it, before jumping to my 10lb weights. My 10lb weights seemed light. I usually don’t use my 10lb weights, unless I’m doing overhead press with this program. Other than that, I use my 5lb and 8lb weights. Hopefully, during my vacation I will be getting a set of 12lb weights.

There’s a back ball exercise. I like it. My back needs all the strengthening workouts that it can get to get strong.

My lower back started flaring up, during the second round of deadlift row, but I’ve managed to finish the workout.

This will be my last workout, until I get back from my vacation. I will pick up from where I left off.

I thank God for allowing me to see today and being able to get another workout in.

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