Supreme 90 Day, Day 19 Shoulders/Arms

I forgot again to log my workout. I have to do this after I do the workout. I’ve planned on doing it, but was going to wait until later.

Last night, I’ve done Supreme 90 Day, Day 19 Shoulders/Arms. I have used my 5lb, 8lb and 10lb weights. At one time, I thought I was using my 8lb weights and when I have started to put the weights down, I’ve noticed that I had used an 8lb and 10lb weight. That’s a method that’s being used in a Men’s Health workout I’m waiting for, where you use two different weights. It was a mistake and I didn’t notice that I had two different weights in my hands. They felt the same at that time.

I thank God for allowing me to see yesterday and for allowing me another chance to work out.

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