Supreme 90 Day, Day 16: Ultimate Ball & Leslie Sansone Walk Slim Fast Start! 1 & 2 Mile Walk 3 Fast Miles!

I did Supreme 90 Day, Day 16: Ultimate Ball last night (06-22-11), I forgot to log it here last night. I’ve planned on doing so last night, but the time flew by and I didn’t realize that I didn’t log my workout,until I was about to go to work this morning.

It was my third time doing this workout. The first time, I didn’t have a ball, the second time, I had a ball and fell off my ball a few times and last night, I was laughing, why? Because I was trying to mimic the exercises and I wasn’t quiet like the exercisers and it’s all good. I like to laugh at myself or laugh in general sometimes; that makes workouts fun. The ball and I are doing better – I still have to master doing some of the workouts on the ball. After using the ball for the first time, I’ve noticed that I didn’t have enough air, so I’ve added some more air. Last night I’ve added some more air too. The exercisers ball seem firmer than mine. My ball seem flat for a couple of workouts.

I thank God for allowing me to see another day and being able to workout again.

I like this program. I’m marking it as strength as well, even though we aren’t using weights. Tom mentioned it as a strength workout. It’s because we are strengthening our core and abs.

I’m going to mark this previous two workouts as strength as well.

I’ve also done Leslie Sansone Walk Slim Fast Start! 1 & 2 Mile Walk 3 Fast Miles! I’ve done the 1 & 2 Mile Walk

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