Tae Bo Abs & Supreme 90 Day, Day 13: Cardio Challenge

I’ve done two workouts: One this evening: Tae Bo Abs. I wanted to do an Abs workout, so I’ve done Tae Bo Abs. I will be incorporating Tae Bo abs workouts and Pilates with my Supreme 90 Day program, to work the abs more. As always, the Tae Bo Abs workout was good.

Tonight, I’ve done Supreme 90 Day, Day 13: Cardio Challenge. It was my second time doing it. I wish it didn’t use weights, because the workout before it, Shoulders/Arms requires the use of weights. I know that Cardio Challenge is a cardio workout, but it still uses weights and the arms can be fatigue from using wieghts the day before.

I look at this workout as being cardio strength.

I thank God for allowing me to see another day and for giving me another chance to workout.

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