Supreme 90 Day, Day 9: Ultimate Ball

Tonight, I’ve done Supreme 90 Day, Day 9: Ultimate Ball. This was my second time doing this workout. The first time I didn’t have a ball, but tonight I had a ball. It was an experience. A fun one. I’ve read other people’s comments on a Supreme 90 Day page, I’m on Facebook, about how they fell off the ball. I’ve fallen a few times off the ball. The exercisers in the workout makes it seem easy. For some reason my ball didn’t feel like it had a lot of air in it. A few times, my ball felt low. Maybe it was my weight. I’ll see what happens the next time I do a ball exercise. I have put more air in the ball. Hopefully, it will help.

I’m going to master this exercise. A few of the moves, I couldn’t do. My ball kept moving. Hopefully next time I do this workout, it will be better with the ball.

I thank God for allowing me to see another day and be able to do another workout.

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