Supreme 90 Day, Day 4: Tabata Inferno

Tonight, was Day 4 for me. I’ve done Supreme 90 Day Tabata Inferno. I’ve kept hearing about Tabata Inferno and I’ve even seen the clip of the workout on the Supreme 90 Day website. I like this workout. It had me sweating from beginning to end. The warmup is different from the previous workouts warmup and the cool down is the same.

This workout is my type of interval/boot camp. This is what interval and boot camp is about. I like the cardio. Some of the moves, I have to master, such as full planks and pushups. Which, pushups doesn’t have to be full pushups. A person can do a knee pushups and still get the benefit of a full pushups. Everyone’s body isn’t suited for full pushups. A lot of people can’t do them, even people that have been working out for years. I know that my core isn’t strong, but it will be one day and if I still can’t do a full pushup or planks, I will still be happy.

This workout is cardio interval/boot camp. It uses a little weights for ab twist workouts and shoulder/squat workouts.

I thank God for allowing me to see another beautiful day that he has made and be able to get a good workout in.

With the help of this workout and others, I will get to my body fat percentage goal.

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