Pictures & Supreme 90 Day, Day 3 Rest Day

Today, I had a co-worker take two pictures of me. I don’t like taking pictures and it was a big step for me to post both pictures of me on Facebook, but I did. I’m doing the program Supreme 90 Day and no, I don’t have a day 1 picture, but today is Day 3, rest day and I took my pictures today. My Supreme 90 Day, day 3 picture will have to do. Nothing changed in two days. If the Lord says the same, I will take a 30 day, 60 day and 90 day picture. My weigh in is not until next week. I will be following my results from next week for 90 days. With God’s help and me working all the workouts that I do, I will get good results, even if they are small.

Small results are always big results.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be able to take pictures today and take a big step in sharing them. A buddy of mine on Facebook wanted to see how I look and she has gotten the chance to see me today.

I will post my pictures on here one day.

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