Supreme 90 Day, Day 2: Ultimate Ball

Tonight I have done Supreme 90 Day, Day 2: Ultimate Ball workout. It’s a core workout. It works the abs too. The workout requires the use of an exercise ball and I don’t have one yet. I will get one soon, maybe next week, when I’m off from work, if I get the chance. I’ve used my basketball for some of the moves tonight.

I’m proud of myself for challenging myself to do the planks. The exercises called for doing planks, etc. for 30 seconds. It’s not easy doing planks for 30 seconds with or without the exercise ball. I gave up a few times, but I’ve gotten right back up. I’m going to master planks and situps with this program and other workouts that I do. I’m not a quitter.

I thank God for allowing me to see another day and giving me a chance to exercise.

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