Supreme 90 Day, Day 1: Chest/Back

Today, my order of Supreme 90 Day have came in. I was happy that it did. I was looking for it to come in yesterday.

I was going to take a Day 1 picture today, but changed my mind. I wasn’t going to start the program, because I didn’t take a day 1 picture, but if The Lord says the same tomorrow, I will take a day 2 picture.

I do my weigh in and take my measurements once a month. Next week, I will be due for my weigh in and measurements, but tonight, I have taken my measurements and weighed myself, to get my body fat percentage. This is only for me to see where I stood on day 1, but my next week’s results will be the one I will be going by, because I’m not changing my weigh in date. It’s set in stone.

The workout, Chest & Back was a good interval strength workout. The people in the video were going a little fast, but I’ve hung in there. I still can’t do a pushup, but I’ve tried today. I hope to have mastered pushups by the end of December. From all the workouts that I own that focus on pushups, I will master doing pushups. Full pushups. Baby steps is the way for me to go.

I’m looking for day 2. Thank you Lord!

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