Pilates & The City Beginners Workout With Jonathan Urla

Tonight I’ve exercised to Pilates & The City Beginners Workout With Jonathan Urla. I was interested in doing pilates with a male instructor and I have to say that Jonathan didn’t disappoint me. I wish that I have bought this dvd a long time ago, but the time that I have bought it was the right time. I’ve received the workout 2 days before the earliest day that I could receive it. It must have been meant for me to do this workout tonight. Thank You Lord.

This is a beginners workout and in a way, I’m still a beginner to pilates, although I have done a pilates that had advance moves in it. I like this workout. Jonathan is a good instructor and his cues are good.

I will definitely do this workout no matter how much I move up the pilates ladder.

This is a matwork. Weights are used too (1-3lbs). I’ve used my three pound weights. There’s a little upperbody workout too; that’s why I’m labeling it total body.

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