My Walk With My New Pedometer

I didn’t have a chance to post about my walk with my new pedometer yesterday, so I”m doing it today. Yesterday, I’ve walked around the block to see how many time around the block I would have to do to make it to one mile. My pedometer showed that one round was a little over a half a mile. That was a surprise to me. That’s was good news too. I could do four laps and get 2 miles in. Where as at the track, 4 laps makes one mile.

I’m no rookie to outdoor walking. I’m going to be walking more outside to get my walks in as well. I do indoor walking, but outdoor walking is different. Indoors you are walking in place and doing other steps, but outside you are constantly walking. You will feel the outdoor walk.

I’m glad that God has allowed me to see a day of walking. I’m on healthy road and I will get to the finished line one step at a time.

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