Tae Bo T3 Total Transformation Training Acceleration With Billy Blanks

For my workout tonight, Tae Bo T3 Total Transformation Training Acceleration With Billy Blanks. It’s a good workout. Billy Blanks does go over the moves, before actually starting the workout. I think all four of the dvds have this, well three of them, because one dvd is a dvd that strictly goes over the Tae Bo moves.

I will just have to skip the instructions to get to the workouts. This dvd had an express workout option as well. When I’ve put the dvd it and press to start the workout, Billy started going over moves. I’ve stop the dvd and gone to the express option. I thought the express workout option would be the workout without the instructions, but I was wrong. It was the instructions plus about five minutes of the workout. I was like, the dvd is for 53 minutes and the workout is finished already. I had to go back to the regular workout option and fast forward through the instructions, because I have started doing them in the beginning, but finished doing them and the five minute workout in the express. So, not only did I fast forwarded through the instructions in the workout option, I’ve also fast forwarded to the beginning exercises that I’ve done in the express. The express option including the beginning minutes of the workouts and the last minutes/cool down.

The core is worked out this dvd. Billy makes sure you do moves that will target the core. It’s a cardio and strength workout. No weights are used, but you are strengthening your core.

The workout is good. Accelerating the workout is a good move. I’ve worn my 2lbs weight gloves with this workout.

I can’t wait to workout to the other dvds.

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