Tae Bo Ultimate Lower Body

Tonight, I have decided to do Tae Bo Ultimate Lower Body. I had this workout for years, since 2006 and this tonight was my first time working out to it. It’s a compilation of different lower body workouts from some of Billy’s other workouts. Some of the workouts looked new to me, I don’t have those workouts or at least, I haven’t worked out to them yet, if they are on some of the older workouts that I didn’t worked out to yet. I need to hit the older workouts more.

I’m use to seeing the (grandma) in Billy’s older workouts. I knew that if she could do Tae Bo, I could do Tae Bo. I have older workouts, where she’s not in them. But, she’s an inspiration. If she can do, even exercise, anyone can do it.

Tonight, in this workout, I have seen a man in a wheelchair doing his version of Tae Bo. He’s an inspiration as well. There’s no excuse for anyone to say they can’t exercise, if they are capable of exercising, no matter their condition.

I thank God for allowing me to be able to get this workout in.

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