Exercise TV Ultimate Body Lose Weight Fast (Three Trainers)

Tonight, I have done Exercise TV Lose Weight Fast Workout With Michael Carson, Steve Maresca and Stepanie Vitorino. The dvd is 70 minutes, including the 10 minute bonus workout. I did the 3 20 minutes workouts (All three are strength workouts). Michael Carson taught an easy way to do a push up, for people that can’t do a full push up, like myself. I can do a couple air push ups, but I want to be able to do the correct full push ups. My upper body is not strong enough to do a full push ups on my toes and that’s why I do them on my knees. Some planks are hard for me to do to. The only one that I find easy, is the arm plank. The hand planks are hard for me, but I will perfect it too.

I will practice doing push ups the way that Michael has taught in this dvd. My goal is to be able to do full pushs and planks by December 31, 2011.

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