5 Mile Fat Burning Walk With Leslie Sansone

I was going to wait until tomorrow to get back to working out, but since I’m feeling better, after being sick for 7 days, since last Saturday. I’ve decided to do something today. Tomorrow is my weigh results in and I know that the numbers will not be big and I don’t care. It’s about getting healthy and baby steps will get me there.

I’ve done my new dvd that I bought at Walmart two weeks ago. Leslie Sansone Walk At Home 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk: Mile 2 and 3. Total miles: 2 miles.

The dvd is 5 miles and all the miles adds up to 5 miles. When I start doing the workout, I thought the 2 mile walk I was doing was actually two miles by itself, but it was 2 miles add up with the first mile.

Each walk is 12 miles, so I can do this 5 mile walk in an hour. I like this.

I thank God for allowing me to get back to working out. I thank him for letting me see today. **

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