No More Trouble Zones With Jillian Michaels

Tonight, I have opened up my No More Trouble Zones With Jillian Michaels workout. I was in the mood to do a strength workout and I was going to do the Belly Off strength workout, but decided to go with Jillian’s workout instead.

It’s a good circuit strength workout. They’ve used 3lbs weights in the workouts, because of the amount of circuit they were doing. I’ve started off using 8lbs, that was a few seconds in the beginning of the first circuit, but quickly dropped down to 5lbs. I was still feeling my strength workout from Chris Freytag’s strength workout, I’ve done Sunday. Today is Wednesday. I’ve used my five pounds weight for Chris’ workout too.

I plan to get up to 10 pounds weights, but that’s for the future. I’m still going to use between 3 to 5 pound weights. I don’t want my arms getting too big, tone but not bulky looking.

I’m glad that I have this workout amongst my strength workouts.

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