February 2011 Weigh In Results

This morning, I’ve done my weigh in and didn’t have a chance to logged my results on here. A couple of minutes ago, I’ve looked at my weigh in chart and decided, I will let 2011 be by itself. I usually continue from the previous year and that’s why I have done for my January’s weigh in. I’ve subtracted my results from December 2010’s results. But, I will change my chart, well created one just for 2011. I have to admit, I wasn’t keeping up with the amount of pounds from fat that I have lost in the past, I just did that in January from December’s results. But, I’m starting to show that now. My goal has been to lose 20% body fat and it’s going to continue to be my goal.

If the Lord says the same, I will be buying a new body fat scale. I want one that also shows water hydration. Last year in November, I have bought one from Kmart that was on scale and the thing didn’t work when it came down to showing body fat percentage and water level. It only did weight. It kept giving err and I’ve found out with that scale it’s the norm for it. I don’t want to pay money for a body fat scale that’s only work as a plain digital scale, because it won’t give you anything else. I could just buy a digital scale if I wanted to do that.

With the new scale, I’m hoping to compare my readings. I know that the scale that I’ve bought from Kmart showed the same scale weight reading as my current scale. So maybe the body fat percentage would have been the same or different. Sometimes a different scale could give you a different reading.

I’m wanting another device, because my body fat percentage reading tend not to move that much, not matter what. Since 2009, I had bascially the same body fat reading and I have lost and gained weight. With all my hard working out, it seems as if my body fat percentage should move away from the numbers it has been for years now. I work hard and my body is a witness to that.

I’ve lost 5 pounds since my last weigh in and from that five pounds, two of it was from fat. I’m glad that I lost the two pounds of fat, but I didn’t like that I have also lost 3 pounds of lean muscle. Well according to the reading on the scale. I’ve also lost 2″ off my body. I’m glad about that. The inches came off my waist and thighs.

If I don’t get another scale, which I think would be better for me than a handheld body fat monitor. I wouldn’t have to get on my current scale, get my weight and then have to input my new weight each time into the handheld monitor. Another thing, I would like to see my water level, so I might just stick with getting another scale.

I’ll see by next month.

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