I Used To Be Fat & Heavy

I like watching weight loss shows. The ones where people aren’t competing against one another for a prize. I have to admit, I have watched National Body Challenge. Discovery Health, where people have competed against one another for a prize, but it’s not like The Biggest Loser. I like watching National Body Challenge, competition or no competition.

I am watching two new weight loss shows”

I Used To Be Fat is a show about teenagers that are seniors wanting to lose weight, before they enter college and they aim to lose weight in the amount of time left they have before they go to college. Everyone’s calendar days are different.

Heavy is a show that focuses on two adults wanting to get healthy. They aren’t competing against one another, but rather are paired off at a spa faculty, working with two trainers (a man and woman), to help them lose weight in a month and then they return home and work out with trainers for 5 months.

I’m taking their titles and creating myself a health journey album. I don’t like taking pictures, but I do have a start picture already. My album is going to be titled I Used To Be Fat and Heavy. It’s going to show my progress.

I don’t focus on my weight. I focus on my body fat percentage and inches. I will add a picture to the album when I reach certain areas on my body fat percentage ruler. I have to buy the album and have my first picture add to it.

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