Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp Workout With Harvey Walden IV

Tonight, I’ve worked out to Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp Workout. I have received the dvd today and thought that I should workout to it. It’s broken down into two sections. A 30 minute and 50 mintue workout. I’ve done the 50 minute workout, which turns out to be 59 minutes. If I round it off, it makes an hour that I have worked out and good for my workout challenge. If it was really 50 minutes, I would have done 10 minutes of my 10 Minute Solution Salsa workout or even 20 minutes. But, since the exercise was 59 minutes, I decided to stop there.

The boot camp workout was good. The only think that I didn’t like was that Harvey had did some cussing. Using the A word. I don’t cuss and I don’t like hearing people cuss either. I don’t believe that cuss words should be in workout videos.

I love doing boot camp exerises.

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