The Abs Diet Workout 2 (Circuit and Interval Training)

Tonight, I have exercised to a portion of The Abs Diet Workout 2 workout. The workout is broken down into how many times a week you want to work out, starting from 3 days. I’ve done the three times a week exercise. The Wednesday part. It consisted of a 50 minute, well 52 minute with cool down workout. Big Muscle Circuit & Speed Interval Training.

I’ve enjoyed this exercise. The interval is motivating. He was being a cheerleader. I like his attitude about the workouts. During the strength portion, he wasn’t afraid to let you know that he was feeling the burn. I was too and I was only using 3 pound weights. I didn’t have an exercise ball, but I have still done the intermidated exercises along with him and one of the ladies working out with him. I have only done the beginners floor chest press, because I didn’t have the ball.

The speed interval was good too. I can’t wait to do the second Monday & Friday’s Abdominal Workout & Big Muscle Circuit. If The Lord says the same, I might do it Saturday.

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