Dual Workout 62 Minutes: Pilates and Yoga

Tonight, my exercise workout consist of Maintenance Pilates For Weight Loss with Ana Caban. This wasn’t a beginner’s pilate’s workout. I’m still at a beginner’s level. But, I did okay with this workout. The workout was 30 minutes. I didn’t do the 15 minute bonus workout.

After I have finished this workout, I’ve decided to try my Exercise TV yoga workout – Yoga Fitness. The workout is 32 minutes.

I like pilates better, but I will give yoga another chance. It might grow on me.

Total workout time: 62 minutes. This workout falls in my workout time challenge.

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2 Responses to Dual Workout 62 Minutes: Pilates and Yoga

  1. Barry,

    I have a question for you. In 1998, I had to have surgery for a brain anurysm, and my Surgeon told me to NEVER exercise again. He said if I were to get my blood pumping it would enlarge the vessels in my brain and would pop off the clip. What would you advise for someone like me?

    • Hi Pamela,

      My name isn’t Barry. Maybe you’ve made a mistake and replied to the wrong person’s thread.

      If your doctor said that you can’t exercise, then don’t exercise or get a second doctor’s opinion.

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