Dual Workouts: Belly Dance and Strength

Tonight, I have started my workout challenge. I want to exercise an hour to two hours a day.

I’ve worked out to Belly Dance For Weight Loss (Cardio Shimmy) Featuring Rania. The exercise is only 30 minutes. I’ve worked out to this workout, when I have first gotten it two years ago. I have to master it. It’s a voice over workout. Rania doesn’t really cue you as to what you are going to be doing, but I’m glad that I am a fast learner. I will know this workout by heart.

The next exericse I have done was Tight on Time Hot Spots (Abs, Arms and Buns) with Tamilee Webb. It’s a 43 minute strength workout. The workouts are broken down into 5 sections. 4 10 minutes workouts and 3 minutes stretch. I like this workout. Tamilee is a good instructor. I use to watch her on Fit TV back in the day. I think it was called Fit TV back in the day.

I’m glad that I have worked out today, instead of passing up my exercise.

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