Belly Twins (Veena and Neena) Indi-Hop Workout

Tonight was my first time working out to a Bollywood workout dvd. This dvd is a 42 minute low-impact Bollywood workout. I’ve felt the shoulder exercise. I wish that I had more room in my living room to move around like they did. There are some moves that they have done that I have walked in beginner’s shoes. There’s a traveling kicking part that I so-so did the traveling kicks. Because of the fat that I am carrying on my body, I don’t care to do jumping jacks. Yes, I may do a few, no matter what exercise dvd that I am doing and they are doing it, but most of the time, I’m walking in beginner’s shoes. Right now, they don’t feel that  comfortable to me. But, I will get to the point, where they will.

I’m wating for another Bollywood exercise dvd to arrive and it’s very different from this dvd. I can’t wait to try it out and I will be doing this one again.

I have some of Veena and Neena’s belly dance exercise dvds.

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