First Fat Loss Challenge

I’m a challenging myself to lose a foot (12″) off my body and 5% body fat in three months. Today is September 25, 2010. I do a monthly weigh in and I record my results. I will share my inch results and body fat results on here for my weigh day and again on 12-25-10. My inital three months results was suppose to be on December 20, 2010 and I have posted this on another blog that I had somewhere else and last night, I’ve found out that it was deleted because of spam. I don’t know how I had spam. I don’t see where me sharing information about my workouts lead to spam. Oh well, it’s the past. WordPress is my home now.

If I don’t lose 12″ or even 5% body fat by December 25, 2010, I will be find with that. I like to walk down slow road. Little process is good with me. The inches and body fat that I am carrying on my body, didn’t come on me overnight and it will not leave overnight. I will endure patiences.

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