Billy Blanks Boot Camp 1

Tonight, I have exercised to Billy Blanks Boot Camp 1 dvd. It’s 37 minute long. I’ve used my new 1.5 pound weighted gloves that I have bought from Academy, to go along with this workout. The dvd didn’t call for weighted gloves. I just wanted to use my gloves. Billy, his daughter Shelly and a few other people had on 1 pound weighted gloves. The gloves made a difference in the workout.

The workout may be short, but it’s a good bootcamp workout. It’s a basic bootcamp workout.

I like that Billy Blanks has different level of Tae Bo workouts. Basic and Advance. I have worked out to an advanced bootcamp workout and it felt good as well.

I love doing Tae Bo. I have been doing it off and on, since 2000. In 2010, I’m hitting Taebo hard.

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